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Celestial Trifid Necklace



CELESTIAL ‘Trifid’ necklace is a tribute to Trifid Nebula, an H II region located in Sagittarius. It is a combination of an open cluster of stars, an emission nebula, reflection nebula and a dark nebula. The meaning of Trifid name is ‘divided into three lobes’ which explains the choice of gemstone setting in the necklace. Divided into three, this CELESTIAL necklace features 3 marquise settings in one part, 2 marquise settings in the second and a single oval setting in the central part of a necklace. Very delicate and refined, CELESTIAL ‘Trifid’ necklace is a perfect balance of sublime femininity and evoking modernity.

Made from start to finish in our London workshop, ‘Trifid’ not only adds a different twist to both night and daily wear choices but also supports a local and ethical jewellery making. ‘In The Space You Can’t Cry’. Perfect with anything from the collection.


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Celestial ‘In The Space You Can’t Cry’ is unapologetic romance that blends reality into a lustful dream. The first ever collection so full of colours that makes it far removed from standard expression of different and modern elegance. It is a poetry of stars, the happiness and joy, and timeless love that fills your heart with music. It is a dream to explore the unknown, craziness and a wild ride on the road that takes you somewhere you belong. Can You make the night dance for you? The darkness whispers in your ear. My dark colourful nocturnal…



-Sterling Silver

-Sky Blue Topazes

-London Blue Topazes