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Celestial Polaris Large RingShowcasing Celestial Polaris Large RingCelestial Polaris Large RingCelestial Polaris Large RingCelestial Polaris Large
Celestial Polaris Large Ring



Inspired by the star located at the end of the handle of Little Dipper, approximately 408 light years from Earth, this dazzling design captures the adventurous spirit. Also known as the North Star, CELESTIAL ‘Polaris’ highlights the power of authenticity. Intrigue and modern sophistication of the design envisions a rebellious statement, whereas a single Round Brilliant Cut Diamond gives a clear guidance to simplicity.

Proudly made in our London, U.K., workshop, CELESTIAL ‘Polaris’ large ring not only adds a different twist to the CELESTIAL jewellery routine but also supports a local and ethical jewellery making. ‘In The Space You Can’t Cry’.

Created for both, women and men, this contemporary diamond ring also classifies for contemporary wedding rings category.

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Celestial ‘In The Space You Can’t Cry’ is unapologetic romance that blends reality into a lustful dream. The first ever collection so full of colours that makes it far removed from standard expression of different and modern elegance. It is a poetry of stars, the happiness and joy, and timeless love that fills your heart with music. It is a dream to explore the unknown, craziness and a wild ride on the road that takes you somewhere you belong. Can You make the night dance for you? The darkness whispers in your ear. My dark colourful nocturnal…



-Sterling Silver

-Round Brilliant Cut Diamond