Anomaly & Celestial Contemporary Rings

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Discover our most iconic jewellery range of sculptural rings, suitable for both women and men.

Made to stand out, Celestial and Anomaly contemporary rings highlight the impeccable style.

Handmade at our local workshop in London, U.K.




Small run business with a big ambition, found and established by the creator ZYDRUNE. Run by ZYDRUNE herself, the brand prides to be both different and unique, a fashion and a fine jewellery choice for anyone seeking outstanding jewellery. With the transparency of the making, and sustainability being the core values of the brand, ZYDRUNE aims to provide the customers with an opportunity to own a handmade jewellery that also supports a local and ethical jewellery making. With ZYDRUNE there are no shortcuts, no off-shore production, every single jewellery item is produced in London workshop, with the craftsmanship and artisanship being at the forefront of the making. Proudly designed and impeccably engineered – ZYDRUNE, jewellery that tells a bigger story.